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The Achievements of Work and Skill Training

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  • Last updated:2019-10-15
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The agricultural products we grow, such as sweet potatoes and Chinese yams as well as sweet corn are mostly seasonal and local. As the society’s consciousness of health and food safety is rising, the administration also set in motion pesticide-free, organic agricultural practices to keep abreast of the social trend.

Coordinating to the characteristics of stone materials promoted by Hualien local society (ex. Fongtien Jade), the institution conducts the inmates’ stone carving skill training and product selling to build the characteristics of Zihciang Prison.

Open the Stone Carving Skill Training Class with local characteristics since 2005 to appoint the professionals of Hualien County Stone Carving Association for instruction in the prison. The class is 3 months every term and 2 terms each year.

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