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  • Last updated:2020-01-02
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    1. Improving inmates' support and maintenance
      Utilizing limited fund, the administration actively seek to improve kitchen appliances and provisions. While the appliances are modernized, the provisions are prepared with awareness of health concerns. Concerning food safety, the kitchen remains sanitized at all times. Every month we also call for a Provisions Improvement Meetings to have thorough communication with inmate representatives. In this way, we make adjustment and improve inmates' daily provisions.
    2.  Through daily propagation, we reinforce the concept of water saving and electricity saving. In addition, to practice environmental policies of Energy Efficiency and Carbon Reduction, we have also either discarded or updated old water and electricity facilities. In this way, we reduce public expense on incarceration and safeguard the establishment.
    3.  Stepping up Public Service and making it user-friendly
      1. (1) We ask all administration to be courteous, to pay attention to their tone, when they handle applications. We also give tests to administration staff from time to time to ensure the quality of our service.
      2. (2) We have set up single-window service portals where governmental formalities are simplified for efficiency.
      3. (3) Before the building for Visitation, there is a preserved parking lot and passageway for the disabled. Inside the building, there is a nursery room, and a children's area for reading and playing. In addition, there is also a hot and cold water dispenser for visitors.
      4. (4) At the outdoor landscaped park, we have built a vista point, a parking lot, and a public bathroom. As for facilities, there are rain sheds, and air pumps, and hot and cold water dispenser that serve both visitors and travelers.
    4.  In October 2013, with the support and guidance from Agency of Correction, Ministry of Justice, the administration has repaired unused dormitories, making the most out of yearly fund remainder. Toward the end of 2013, the repair construction was completed. Now, the dormitories are open to fine officers holding posts in Agency of Correction, serving as a space for conference or seminar as well as temporary stay. In this way, the dormitory's function is repurposed and revitalized.


    5. In order to befriend our neighbors and further community services, we have organized United Service Squad of Eastern Communities to perform cleanups in schools and communities in neighboring town and villages. Also, we have obligated ourselves to care for Guangfu Riverbank Park and public parking lots as well as the railroad park.
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