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  • Last updated:2020-01-02
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  1. Zihciang Prison is a correction institution of humanistic orientation and low custody. Due to its vastness, custodial officers of all levels carry out on-walk custody. While being flexible with inmates, we establish clear disciplines in hope of bring out their autonomy and diligence. As they learn discipline through regular labor, their minds will grow sound as a result. Disciplines also prepare inmates for reintegration into society.
  2. According to the scores of inmates' progressive correction, they could earn the chance to live with family or applying home visit in order to ease their mental tension and have the support from their families.
  3. The administrations care about what the inmates have to say. We open up channels of reciprocal communication, not only through holding exchange sessions and provisions improvement meetings, but also by setting up suggestion boxes throughout the prison. We collect letters from the boxes every week, and we reflect inmates' suggestions to corresponding administration. In this way, we attend to every inmate's opinion and bring equilibrium to the institution.
  4. Under the orders of Ministry of Justice, Zihciang Prison also organizes Substitute Civilian Servicemen trainings for both Administrative Enforcement Agency and Taiwan High Prosecutors Office. In this way, a tremendous amount of expense and manpower has been saved, as the three institutions no longer need to hold Substitute Civilian Servicemen trainings respectively. Furthermore, under the supervision of Agency of Correction, the success of the training is recognized by Conscription Agency, Ministry of Interior, and accredited with the honor of Outstanding Institution of Substitute Military Service and Management in 2009.
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