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Health and Hygiene Business

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  • Last updated:2020-01-02
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  1. Carrying out the Health-care by walking around
    Carry out the moralization and medical care of farm by walking around to reach two-way communication and shorten distance; allow inmates to experience the concerns and care of the institution in order to repent them from the soul.


  2. Treating diseases and taking preventive measures against transmittable ones
    1. (1) In coordination with public health policies, we cooperate with Fonlin Branch of Taipei Veterans General Hospital to provide on-walk medical care twice a week. If an inmate has a critical condition, he shall be transported to Fonlin Branch or Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital for emergency treatment under custody.
    2. (2) Health checks are given and prevention campaign against transmittable diseases is held on a regular basis. In this way, we ensure inmates their medical rights.
    3. (3) In co-ordination with governmental policies, the administration cooperates with nearby hospitals and health institution to run educational campaigns, propagating the hazard of smoking as well as prevention against substance abuse and AIDS. In this way, correct concepts and knowledge of prevention are instilled into inmates. The administration also co-hosts "New Zihciang Smoking Cessation Group" with Hualien Health Care Bureau to encourage both prison staffs and inmates' abstinence from smoking. In doing so, we build environment and workspace free from smoking.
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