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Operation Business

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  • Last updated:2020-01-02
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1.Developing self-run operation with keen competition

(1) Efficiently using the vast operating area to grow pesticide-free and high-quality crops.

(2) The agricultural products we grow, such as sweet potatoes and Chinese yams as well as sweet corn are mostly seasonal and local. As the society's consciousness of health and food safety is rising, the administration also set in motion pesticide-free, organic agricultural practices to keep abreast of the social trend.

(3) The institution has passed the "Pesticide-free Agricultural Demonstration Establishment" of Hualien County Government, and now is applying for health mark accreditation.

2.Stone carving skill training

 (1) Coordinating to the characteristics of stone materials promoted by Hualien local society (ex. Fongtien Jade), the institution conducts the inmates' stone carving skill training and product selling to build the characteristics of Zihciang Prison.

(2) Open the Stone Carving Skill Training Class with local characteristics since 2005 to appoint the professionals of Hualien County Stone Carving Association for instruction in the prison. The class is 3 months every term and 2 terms each year.

3.Farm Implements, Wood & Stone Carving Skill Training Achievements Display Area
In order to preserve the original culture of stone sculpting and agriculture, the administration has collected many batches of agricultural artifacts and old-school farming tools from Dafu Elementary School and nearby residents. Moreover, we have established an exhibition center where the wealth of our collection and inmates' handicrafts are on display. The handicrafts items are also for sale.

 4.Stone-sculptures Art Park

(1) In order to continue the local stone-sculpting culture and to coordinate with the government's environmental protection policies, leftover and thrown-away stones from other stone-sculpting factories are recycled, becoming the medium of creativity for inmates. As a result, the waste is transformed into art.

(2) Putting what they have learned in the training into practice and applying skills of drafting, rough and fine shaping, filing as well as sanding, inmates turn humble waste into artworks full of life and wonder.

5.Establishing the evaluation committee of inmates' stone-sculptures
The valuation committee is responsible for carrying out the purchase procedures for stone-sculpting equipment and materials as well as setting a price on each stone-sculpture in reflection of their evaluation. The administration counts on the committee to set prices that allow reasonable profits, while bring up the sales volume. In this way both the institution's income and inmates' labor allowances will increase.


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