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Edification Business

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  • Last updated:2019-10-15
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  1. Instruction, education and consultation.
  2. Examination of inmate progressive system
  3. Advice on parole, parole revoking and probation Issues.
  4. Entertaining activities and physical training.
  5. Organizing and management of meeting and zoning division.
  6. Invite relevant institution, group or individuals to facilitate education, public speaking and religious education.
  7. Authorization, pressing and Management of material reading and periodicals.
  8. Induction orientation.
  9. Direct and indirect investigations.
  10. Body and mental health examinations.
  11. Classification and custody of fingerprint and photographs, and evaluation and referral of social need.
  12. Drafting, verification and recommendation of treatment and purpose activity.
  13. Liaison after release and after-care affairs.
  14. Introduction and recruitment of volunteering and social resource
  15. Other relevant rehabilitation and education affairs.
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