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Prospects for the Prison's Betterment

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  • Last updated:2020-01-02
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The administration of the institution abides by all laws. We follow all regulations and policies that Ministry of Justice and Agency of Correction make. We actively engage in our responsibility for administrating prison affairs. Based on safe management, we hope to innovate our services and advance toward a workforce of high efficiency. From this vantage point, we come up with the following list of prospects for betterment:

  1. Through combining social resources, we seek to deepen life and character education, to enrich rectification programs, as well as to enhance the diversity of art and cultural study groups. In doing so, we hope that each inmate will find his passion as well as the pleasure of absorbing new knowledge, and we hope that each inmate will cultivate character and discover sustenance for his body and mind. As inmates’ culture grows upgraded in this way, he shall build a new philosophy of life.
  2. To make better use of the institution's vast land, we shall expand pesticide-free farming areas and grow organic vegetables with high economic value. Applying organic practices in every procedure, we make it our goal to obtain organic certification. Furthermore, in this way, we are also developing recreational farming.
    Handcrafting festive lanterns Harvesting organic agricultural products
    Handcrafting festive lanterns Harvesting organic agricultural products
  3. To assist an inmate in his reintegration into society, we seek to foster the connection between vocational trainings with employment. Also, we will continue to collaborate with Association of Protection for the Rehabilitated in synergy so that there is no gap in assisting an inmate's social re-adaption. In this way, both organization's correction function will be excised to the utmost and recidivism will be reduced.
  4. In order to alleviate the serious overpopulation of all prisons across the country, we have expanded the capacity of accommodation, and now the institution can hold up to 560 inmates. While we are now more acceptant of inmate candidates, we will still strive for factual and detailed examination on all applications. In this way, more inmates will be accommodated, and overpopulation of other prisons will be alleviated.

    Inmates lining up in order
    Inmates lining up in order

  5.  In addition to the detailed and complicated administration of Zihciang Prison, the rise in numbers of inmates and the need to deepen rectification for improved results all call for more workforce. As a result, we continue to recruit volunteers who are public-spirited and who has specialized skills. In so doing, we find a way to compensate the shortage of workforce. 
  6. To ensure the safety and sanitation of the prison's ranch as well as to prevent bird flus and mosquito bites, we continue to upgrade ranch environment by setting up screen-house for husbandry. In doing so, we upgrade the quality of our husbandry products, and establish a healthful brand.

    Animal husbandry raising area
    Animal husbandry raising area

  7. As Zihciang Prison is located in East Rift Valley near Mt. Coastal Range, we often suffer from insufficient rainfall in summer. Droughts have serious impact on our daily living, as agriculture and animal husbandry as well as proper functioning of the prison all call for water. Consequently, in addition to wastewater recycling, we actively engage in raising funds from both government as well as society in hope that we can launch water reservoirs constructions and tank more water to combat droughts.
  8. Taking advantage of our natural environment, we plant flowers both at the outdoor environment and inside the establishment. In this way, we make the institution a beautiful place to work in. As the plants mellow the atmosphere, both inmates and staffs become light-hearted and work more effectively. Efficiency means more labor allowance for inmates and joy of self-fulfillment for staffs.
  9. Zihciang prison is a correction institution of low custody and humanistic orientation. There is flexibility in custodial management, and we make sure that inmates' rights are well protected. We will continue our heritage of humanistic orientation to set a new example of human rights and justice.
  10. We will continue opening all doors to public visits in hope that public cognizance and social understanding of correction institutions will grow. We also hope that, as the public sees how a correction institution is operating in nowadays, a brand new image of such institutions will be conceived.
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